Credit despite bank refusal

If the bank refuses to grant a loan because the loan applicant does not meet the requirements for the loan, consumers will look for ways to get a loan despite a bank refusal. Anyone who knows and understands the strategies and lending policies of the banks will quickly find a bank that grants a loan despite a bank refusal.

The banks’ tactic of award

The banks

The financial market, to which the banks with their loan offers belong, is as multifaceted as the German market economy is. Today’s consumers can see that the structure of active banks has changed significantly in recent years. If you want to take out a loan today, you no longer have to go to a local bank branch at any cost. The Internet has brought the direct banks that offer their products at favorable conditions and are a competition for all branch banks. At the same time, the business in the area of ​​social lending, in which private investors grant loans, has developed. So today it is much easier to get credit despite bank rejection if it is only done correctly.

Direct banks sell their loans over the Internet. You work very efficiently and inexpensively with fewer staff. Loans are offered on favorable terms. In addition, online credit has the advantage of anonymity, which many consumers particularly appreciate. The banks have taken appropriate measures to minimize the risk of loan defaults. There are relatively strict guidelines for lending. These guidelines vary widely from bank to bank, just like the cost of credit. But that also means that anyone who gets a loan from a bank despite being refused a bank must expect that the loan will then likely have significantly worse terms. Banks can pay the higher credit default risk through higher interest rates.

Get credit through bank rejection despite bank refusal

Get credit through bank rejection despite bank refusal

Loan seekers who have already made online credit inquiries from some providers and have so far only ever received rejections should contact the house bank with their loan application. If it is a branch bank, there is the possibility to hold a personal meeting in connection with the application. In this conversation, discrepancies may be resolved that ultimately lead to approval. In addition, loan seekers have the opportunity to inquire about alternatives. Occasionally, it is enough if the loan amount is lower or the term is shortened or extended, so that the planned monthly rate can easily be paid from the freely disposable income. If personal creditworthiness is not given, it may be possible that a solvent guarantor provides the bank with the necessary security.

If the requested loan was rejected in a branch bank, the reasons for the rejection can be asked in person. Often it is just little things like an old Credit bureau entry. Sometimes it is also because the monthly charge is simply too high because the freely disposable income is insufficient. The monthly payment should always be paid from the freely disposable income. It is easy for loan seekers to calculate in advance whether they can afford an installment or not. All that needs to be done is to make a budget statement in which the monthly income is compared to the expenditure. If you then turn the maturity screw, you can manage to set the loan rate so that it is affordable. Such and similar facts can be discussed particularly well on site in a personal conversation.

Anyone who has experienced the reasons for a loan rejection in person can better prepare future discussions with other banks. Another credit request can be started taking into account the information. A loan seeker should allow at least two weeks to make a new request. Then the bank can no longer see that there were credit inquiries in advance.

Good to know

Good to know

All banks have the right to freedom of contract. You can grant or refuse loans if the credit default risk is too high for you because customers do not have the prerequisites for lending. In order to then still get a loan despite bank refusal, consumers have to look for alternatives. Friends or relatives can be asked for money. There is the loan from private individuals on corresponding portals and there is the possibility to go to the pawnbroker or to take out a loan on an existing life insurance.